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Cooktop isn't being installed today

I bought a new gas cooktop the day after Thanksgiving and everything has conspired to keep it from getting here.

They were holding it until the rest of my appliances came in.  I didn’t know I had to get the installation scheduled first.  Every communication has been interesting.

Well, it was scheduled for tomorrow, and then had to be moved up.  This morning, the installer called to tell me he had to postpone indefinitely, one of his crew is sick and has to go to the doctor.  He has to get well and cleared until it can be scheduled.

So I’m not completely crazy — if you let me know what is going on, I don’t get upset.  It’s just when you tell me something is going to happen and it doesn’t, I get crazy.  

What do want to bet he wants to do it Friday when I have a doctor’s appointment?  Well, husband can open the door and let them in.