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October 2022

Good weekend

I’ve been avoiding being in the car for long trips.  In fact, I turned down my husband when he wanted to go on a long driving trip and I turned down the beagle people and my family for the National Speciality.

I decided I needed to work up to it.  I entered a dog show in Belton, two and half hours away, then two days the next weekend knowing that most beagle people would be in Virginia and that most beagle people know what is going on.

The first weekend, Obi won WInner’s Dog and Best of Variety Owner Handler.  We stayed for the OH groups.  That meant we left at 6:30 am and got back at almost 7:00 pm.

The weekend, Obi won Winner’s Dog, Best of Variety, and Best of Variety Owner Handler and went into both rings twice.  He wasn’t really wild about it, but was happy to meet new friends.   We left at 7:00 am this time and got back around 6:00 pm both days.

So long, sitting, standing, and walking days.

I’m no more stiff than I am any other morning.  My back isn’t bothering me at all though my knee is, I’ve been dealing with that for decades.

I think he is 16 points with one major, just needing the major.

The handler we competed against this weekend was gracious and said he was glad I showed up, even though Obi won all the things.