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February 2022

Major Scale Victory

I got my lapband in 2009.  I do not recommend.

I weight 320 pounds according to their scale, day of surgery.  I know I weighed more than that at one point.

Today, I weighed 219.2.  I have been doing Profile by Sanford, and have resolved two heart conditions.  I am using very little insulin but I am on Ozempic and Farziga.


Heart Conditions Improved with Profile diet

Back when I stopped being able to eat and stopped losing weight with my lap band, I was sent to a cardiologist to prepare for surgery.

She found a leaky valve.  I saw her in July, started Profile in December, and a year later saw her again.  That was 30 pounds later.

During that visit, she found an arterial dilation but the leaky valve had resolved.  I saw her again this week, about 35 pounds later and lots of exercise minutes and the dilation had resolved.

So not only have I lost weight -- and I have just cleaned my closet of clothing that is too big for me -- again, but I have also improved my heart health.  I was a bit concerned that the vaccine might have had something to do with the dilation, but if it did, it wasn't a long term effect, and much better than most of the COVID side effects.

I am losing weight again!

It's only been two days on Performance, but the scale is moving in the correct direction.

Being on the Reboot/Reduce plan and doing 90 minutes of exercise a day was just too hard.  My coach was encouraging and felt that I should add some protein to the plan, but that was still leaving me hungry in the evenings, and making me feel like I was cheating.

On Performance/ Reduce I'm not hungry at the end of the day and I'm not tempted to eat the wrong food.  That's a huge difference for my mental attitude.

I don't want to reduce my workouts.  My ultimate goal is to participate in  Agiity Trials again.  I also need a great deal of strength and endurance to be able to compete at conformation.

I have to share an "OOPS".  I have been logging food at MyFitnessPal and I thought I was eating too much until I realized I had set MyFitnessPal to lose two pounds a week.  I'm actually right there.


I've spent the last few weeks frustrated.

Mostly because my medical team and my weight loss team don't get how much I exercise.

The straw that hit the camel's back is when my Profile coach mentioned in the meeting recap, that I work out 20-30 minutes a day.  

That's just the warm up.  Seriously.  I walk 20-30 minutes a day, then 10-20 minutes of weight training, and another 30-45 minutes of cycling.  I am currently working with a personal trainer, and that's 45 minutes of strength training, with the cardio sandwich.  I will say I do cardio only on the day before and day after the workout with the personal trainer but then I step up the cardio to 60 minutes.

According to Apple Fitness, my resting energy is 2140 calories and my active energy is 790 calories.  Profile had me on a 1500 calorie a day plan, and I was literally starving in the evening.

I finally got Profile attention when I posted in the Facebook group.  They heard me and talked to the manager and she agreed that I needed to go to their Performance Plan.  I was already better yesterday evening, didn't feel like eating the house.  I did make a slight mistake by eating an extra starch, not a fruit, but it's a process.

My social worker is having me not weigh and to focus my mind on losing weight.  We'll see how that works.  I did weigh because I have a telemedicine class today, but I am losing weight, so there is that.