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Back stress -- over dog show -- so I'm taking baby steps
A bit more love today.

Today was my second dog show since my surgery.

I entered Glen Rose, which is 90 minutes from the house, and was going to stay in a hotel room across the street from the show site.

I started stressing out about packing the car, getting ready, etc. and I realized that traveling with two dogs and staying at a hotel was the cause, so I canceled the room.

A huge sign of relief after.

I had no trouble getting up and driving there and back.  Unloading and loading the dogs and crate stack was MUCH easier than it had been pre-surgery.  One of the ring stewards grabbed an end going down the ramp, it's steep, and no one on the bottom of the ramp pays any attention and you don't want to run over a dog.

I had no issue going up the ramp except for having to ask clueless people to get out of the way.  I don't mind running over clueless people...

BTW, 90 minutes is the longest I've driven since the surgery, so this is a baby step.  I honestly don't think driving is an issue, especially after today, but I have two do the 90 minutes back and forth, two more times.

It was a great decision because Miss Summer decided she needed to go into heat.  I didn't really need that in a hotel room, in addition to the rest.

Here's our loot.  Summer got points  I don't think the judge did owner-handler correctly but there you go.  Anytime I've taken best of winners, I have had to compete against the owner-handler who got Select.