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A bit more love today.
Good Endo Visit

The Glen Rose show was too much

It's interesting but I didn't feel the same during the Dallas Show.

However, the Dallas Show is indoors, cement / tiled floor.  

Glen Rose is dirt, where livestock has been.  There is a huge steep ramp to get into the show arena.  It was very hard to move the crate stack.  I have friends who call it "Satan's Outhouse".

I also had a 90 minute drive.  I will also share that I didn't sleep well.

I have until February 2 to decide if I want to enter Midland.  

Saturday didn't seem bad at all.  Sunday, I couldn't decide if I wanted to stay for owner-handler so napped in the car for a few hours.  I didn't stay.  Probably a good decision.

When I got home, I was completely stiff and locked up which I haven't seen for a while.  It eased up after about 5 steps.

My knees were also bothering me more than usual when I walked later in the evening.

The good news is that I have until February 2 to decide on the next show.  

They do say that this is a one year recovery.