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January 2022

Gym posted a video on Instagram

I have joined a new gym — literally new — it’s only been open for a few months and they are still missing some of the equipment that they have ordered.

It’s at

I do at least 20 minutes of walking on a treadmill each day — and start out each day with that.  That’s for my spinal surgery recovery.  I’m starting to do more, ever since I read an article at  BTW, I almost always use an Apple Fitness Plus workout.

Every doctor I’ve seen about my knees has claimed that I need to stop exercising by walking but this article refutes that.

I also do strength training.  I alternate between arms, legs, and an Apple Fitness core workout.  Weekly I work out with the club’s fitness trainer, who took the video.

I end the workout with more cardio — usually a Pelaton class, as the gym as two, or an Apple Fitness Plus workout.

YES, I love Apple Fitness Plus and when I go to dog shows, I use the workouts in my hotel room.

Exercise Preception - most of my caregivers don't seem to realize how much I do exercise

I think the only people who do get how much I work out is the owner of my gym and my personal trainer but then they are there when I do it.

I think that my medical team doesn't get it and I know that my Profile coach doesn't.

So here's the routine -- 20 minutes of walking on a treadmill to satisfy the requirements of my surgeon.  That is a bit of compromise for my knees.

Strength training -- I split it up into three: arms, legs, and core.

20 minutes of cardio, usually on a Peloton bike.  

Once a week, I am working out with the personal trainer at my gym.  We had our first visit last Thursday but we'll be moving to Wednesday this week. 

I do think it's throwing me into a bit too much of a calorie deficit.  

Clinical Trials

Man, you have to watch out.

I do clinical trials as often as possible.  It helps everyone else.  If we don't do clinical trials we won't have new technology.

I'm currently enrolled in the Pfizer Covid clinical trial and it's great.  I took Summer to a vet for a clinical trial, and it again it was great.  In fact, I tried to spend money with them.

However, I also signed up for a clinical trial with a local physical therapy place.  However, I can tell from the appointment process, it's a scam.  Yes, maybe someone is gathering data for someone, BUT they wanted my insurance information.  The people doing the Pfizer study didn't do that.  I am pretty sure it's a way to get people in the door.

Good week so far!

Husband has taken a mini-vacation, giving me one :)

Say endo and primary care physician and got some answers and solutions.

Quickly losing the weight spike.  I gained around 8 pounds New Years Weekend.  I will admit to being off plan and eating salty carbs.  I've got 5 of those pounds off so far.

The endo thought it was waste, both liquid and solid.  I also think that is what is making my back talk to me.  It doesn't hurt, but I can feel it.  

Dog agility class went well.  

I haven't used insulin for two days.  The endo thought I shouldn't take insulin until the evening, especially with the addition of Farxiga.  

Also got my next CT scan scheduled.

Good primary care visit

This was my second visit with a new provider.  She's very young.

My previous primary care doctor was great, but he has gone to a concierge practice.  I have a feeling that's not allowed by my plan.  

My biggest question is when should I get tested for Covid and she says that Baylor Scott and White is still working on the -- test only if you have sympthoms.


Good Endo Visit

I saw my endochronolist yesterday.  My A1C was up, but I attribute that to cortisone shots, I forgot to tell her that... darn.

Anyway, we added Farxigo, which I picked up and took one this morning.  CVS is running a tad slow, but she might have needed to do a prior authorization.

I'm using less insulin, but I miss some dosing sometimes with getting accomplished to the InPen.

She actually doesn't want me to dose in the morning anymore and wants to start dosing around 1:00 pm I think.  She says my blood sugar starts climbing around 3:00 pm

She set a goal of 140 average blood sugar and 80% time in range.  Otherwise everything is the same.

The Glen Rose show was too much

It's interesting but I didn't feel the same during the Dallas Show.

However, the Dallas Show is indoors, cement / tiled floor.  

Glen Rose is dirt, where livestock has been.  There is a huge steep ramp to get into the show arena.  It was very hard to move the crate stack.  I have friends who call it "Satan's Outhouse".

I also had a 90 minute drive.  I will also share that I didn't sleep well.

I have until February 2 to decide if I want to enter Midland.  

Saturday didn't seem bad at all.  Sunday, I couldn't decide if I wanted to stay for owner-handler so napped in the car for a few hours.  I didn't stay.  Probably a good decision.

When I got home, I was completely stiff and locked up which I haven't seen for a while.  It eased up after about 5 steps.

My knees were also bothering me more than usual when I walked later in the evening.

The good news is that I have until February 2 to decide on the next show.  

They do say that this is a one year recovery.

Today was my second dog show since my surgery.

I entered Glen Rose, which is 90 minutes from the house, and was going to stay in a hotel room across the street from the show site.

I started stressing out about packing the car, getting ready, etc. and I realized that traveling with two dogs and staying at a hotel was the cause, so I canceled the room.

A huge sign of relief after.

I had no trouble getting up and driving there and back.  Unloading and loading the dogs and crate stack was MUCH easier than it had been pre-surgery.  One of the ring stewards grabbed an end going down the ramp, it's steep, and no one on the bottom of the ramp pays any attention and you don't want to run over a dog.

I had no issue going up the ramp except for having to ask clueless people to get out of the way.  I don't mind running over clueless people...

BTW, 90 minutes is the longest I've driven since the surgery, so this is a baby step.  I honestly don't think driving is an issue, especially after today, but I have two do the 90 minutes back and forth, two more times.

It was a great decision because Miss Summer decided she needed to go into heat.  I didn't really need that in a hotel room, in addition to the rest.

Here's our loot.  Summer got points  I don't think the judge did owner-handler correctly but there you go.  Anytime I've taken best of winners, I have had to compete against the owner-handler who got Select.


Back stress -- over dog show -- so I'm taking baby steps

This weekend is the Glen Rose show.  I was planning on taking two dogs and staying at the hotel across from the show site, but I was really dreading the show.

I realized this morning that this is the first time I'm driving more than an hour since the surgery.

First time I'm traveling with two dogs since the surgery -- driving to dog agility doesn't count.  

Also, it's in a small town with very few restaurants and grocery stores.   Plus, I might not need both dogs.

So, I'm taking baby steps and driving there each day -- it's a 70 minute drive each way, so it will be a good test.  If the major breaks, I only have to take one dog on Sunday and Monday and don't have to worry about the extra dog. Or worry about getting food.

I do have hotel reservations for Midland, but haven't entered that dog show yet.