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Exercise Preception - most of my caregivers don't seem to realize how much I do exercise

Gym posted a video on Instagram

I have joined a new gym — literally new — it’s only been open for a few months and they are still missing some of the equipment that they have ordered.

It’s at

I do at least 20 minutes of walking on a treadmill each day — and start out each day with that.  That’s for my spinal surgery recovery.  I’m starting to do more, ever since I read an article at  BTW, I almost always use an Apple Fitness Plus workout.

Every doctor I’ve seen about my knees has claimed that I need to stop exercising by walking but this article refutes that.

I also do strength training.  I alternate between arms, legs, and an Apple Fitness core workout.  Weekly I work out with the club’s fitness trainer, who took the video.

I end the workout with more cardio — usually a Pelaton class, as the gym as two, or an Apple Fitness Plus workout.

YES, I love Apple Fitness Plus and when I go to dog shows, I use the workouts in my hotel room.