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Exercise Preception - most of my caregivers don't seem to realize how much I do exercise

I think the only people who do get how much I work out is the owner of my gym and my personal trainer but then they are there when I do it.

I think that my medical team doesn't get it and I know that my Profile coach doesn't.

So here's the routine -- 20 minutes of walking on a treadmill to satisfy the requirements of my surgeon.  That is a bit of compromise for my knees.

Strength training -- I split it up into three: arms, legs, and core.

20 minutes of cardio, usually on a Peloton bike.  

Once a week, I am working out with the personal trainer at my gym.  We had our first visit last Thursday but we'll be moving to Wednesday this week. 

I do think it's throwing me into a bit too much of a calorie deficit.