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Weird day -- completely rearranged
Today was my second dog show since my surgery.

Back stress -- over dog show -- so I'm taking baby steps

This weekend is the Glen Rose show.  I was planning on taking two dogs and staying at the hotel across from the show site, but I was really dreading the show.

I realized this morning that this is the first time I'm driving more than an hour since the surgery.

First time I'm traveling with two dogs since the surgery -- driving to dog agility doesn't count.  

Also, it's in a small town with very few restaurants and grocery stores.   Plus, I might not need both dogs.

So, I'm taking baby steps and driving there each day -- it's a 70 minute drive each way, so it will be a good test.  If the major breaks, I only have to take one dog on Sunday and Monday and don't have to worry about the extra dog. Or worry about getting food.

I do have hotel reservations for Midland, but haven't entered that dog show yet.