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Back Surgery
My LapBand Slipped

Weight Loss -- the blog has got lapband in the title

I am currently at my lowest weight in probably decades.

I'm doing it through diet and exercise.  Specifically I'm doing Profile By Sanford.  If you decide to try them, use this link: Profile Plan Referral Link. I think we both get something from it.

I just signed up for another year.

Here's what I like about Profile -- they teach you how to eat correctly.  It's very flexible.  I've done their balance -- both when I started before my doctor gave permission, and while I was preparing for and recovering from surgery.  They have plans for pregnant women and breast feeding moms.  

I also exercise a lot, but that's mainly because I'm recovering from surgery.  I have several memberships to give me access to gyms.  I'll blog about my favorite soon.

This is the only plan that has gotten me off my very long McCafe Mocha addiction.  I'm currently drinking a peppermint mocha, with 8 oz. of coffee, Veggies Plus, whipped cream and a dash of dark chocolate syrup.  15 carbs.  

I really like the current plan, as I'll grab a protein bar and eat it mid workout.  Lunch will be their meal replacement and veggies.  I'll have another bar mid afternoon and a fiber drink.  Dinner will be on my own, probably Chili's sirloin and broccoli.  I'll eat a Profile chocolate cake before I go to bed.

It comes with a coach, app which links to a scale, and a food scale.  

I've lost just about 35 pounds this year while on profile.  I also had major surgery -- L4-L5 fusion and several steriod shots for hand pain.  

My insulin usage is down from 70 units a day to less than 20.  However, I am on Ozempic.