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I'm back blogging -- I hope
Weight Loss -- the blog has got lapband in the title

Back Surgery

This is crazy, as I don't remember just how much in pain I was, but I couldn't stand or walk without a walker for more than say two minutes.

Standing is still a problem, but I think that will come with time and strength training.

I finally broke down and went to the recommended surgeon -- Dr. Timon with All Star Orthopedics, back in July.  He wasn't hopeful at the time, as he didn't see anything he can fix on the XRay but sent me for an MIR.  He was really excited after seeing it.  He saw a herniated disk which he knew he could fix.

I cancelled dog shows -- especially driving to Ohio for the National Beagle Speciality and scheduled the surgery immediately.  It was set up for Monday, September 13.

Got there, did all the prep and was waiting for surgery and Dr. Timon comes in.  He was furious because the facility wasn't climate controlled enough to guarateen that the surgical field would be sterile enough.  I had to get dressed and go home.  Got a call later in the day and the surgery was scheduled for the next day at a different facility.  Of course, I had to prep a second time which was hard on the skin.

That surgery went off without a hitch, but the staff at that hospital was difficult.  Dr. Timon insists that his patients walk every three hours for 24 hours after surgery.  Well, you tell me something and I'll do it to the best of my ability.  Unfortunately the staff wasn't on the same page.  Also they were lazy and disconnected my IV which caused it to clog.  It hurts a lot to unclog it.  Also I had no idea that they weren't alerted when the alarm went off.  They also didn't bother to tell me until the last bag of IV antibotics, that it was diluted with glucose (my endo said they should have used saline).

They did put 15 pounds of fluid on me (I know, I weighed before and after surgery).

Once I got home, recovery was easy.  I did insist on home health care which consisted on an OT and a nurse.  The OT came out two times -- first recommendation, get a hip kit BEFORE surgery.  That is tools that will help you to keep from BLTing (Bend, Lift, or Twist -- which you can't do for 6 weeks).

The wound got pink once, they threw antibotics on it, and it was all good.

I got cleared for PT after 6 weeks and scheduled it immediately. 

Did exactly that the PT people said -- and used All Star Orthopedics Physical Therapy -- it was my third round with them.  Was cleared after 6 weeks of 3 days a week - about an hour a day.   Did an extra 45 minutes of cardio each day.

I gained a bit of weight before surgery.  Took it off, and have been maintaining ever since.

Managed to accomplish my goal -- show my dogs at the Dallas Dog Show -- and was able to do it by myself, as always.  

I had a checkup yesterday, got a clean bill of health, and will go back in 6 months.  The PA said I was a textbook case!