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Big Scale Victory


I have severe dry eye.  So bad, I couldn’t do a full time remote teaching job.  At the end of the day, I couldn’t focus enough to drive safely.

I had my early visit with my eye doctor and saw a poster for Lipiflow.  I signed up immediately and my only regret is the charge, but I’m hoping it will go down in price.

There is a lot of after care to it but I should have been doing a lot of the care already.

They warned that I might have more trouble the two days after than before but I didn’t notice that.  4 days out and my dry eye is the best it’s been in ages.

Very happy with it.

They put you in a chair, put relaxing music on, give numbing eye drops and then put on special equipment on your eye.  They stayed and observed, while I babbled about the weekend’s dog show.

Sent me home with a bag of ointments.  Another than that helped is that they switched me from PM Ointment to Oasis Plus at night, which means I still have some useful vision.

Definitely worth it.