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NSV I think. Using a Smart Pen instead of an insulin pump.

InPen versus Omnipod

The latest experiment is different.

I’ve gone from medformim, to insulin only (70/30) to pumping and now I am doing MDI with rapid insulin and Ozempic.

I’ve lost enough weight that I don’t need basal insulin.  I need bolus insulin and corrections.

With the Omnipod, I was having to put 100 units in the pod, give the least amount of insulin possible, bolus and corrections.  

It’s been 5 days, and I’ve used the first 100 units of insulin, so I’m not wasting insulin.

The Dexcom is making a huge difference.  I’m not sure I could do finger sticks and MDI.

I think I just convinced myself that Inpen is the answer.