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Super trip to visit family
InPen versus Omnipod

NSV I think. Using a Smart Pen instead of an insulin pump.

I saw my Endocronolist Friday.  

I've lost about 30 pounds since I started Profile by Sanford.  My A1C is down to 6.5

I've gone several days without dosing insulin, and basically had my pump off.  

She suggested that I set the pump to deliver the minimum amount of insulin as she was concerned about clogging and asked if I wanted to go off the pump.  I asked about smart pen's and she suggested the InPen.  We jumped through insurance hoops and prescription hoops and the InPen arrived today.

They are a bit difficult to load (I was sent two, I'm keeping one loaded in the refrigerator).

It's going to feel a bit odd -- going from the Medtronic tubed pump to the Omnipod was odd, but I still had a large device attached to me.  Now I just have the CGMS.