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Yesterday was interesting

I’ve been losing weight, eating less carbs, and as a result I need less insulin.

In fact, my basal insulin was down to 4.5 units a day and I was only bolusing for food more than 10 carbs and the random correction.

I wasn’t losing weight this week so I turned off almost all the basal insulin — I’m doing .05 units a day so I can keep the Omnipod running.

That seemed to help, until Friday happened.

Friday I was working in my new office (new to me), and got cold.  Also probably should have drank a shake.  Even though I got a sweatshirt, I was approaching 90 with a down arrow after 11:30.

I’ve gone low before when I got cold, didn’t know that could happen when I didn’t have insulin on board.  I literally didn’t have any insulin in my body.

Anyway, I drank a Profile shake and walked around for a bit, which is counter intuitive but it solves the being cold problem.  That seemed to fix it but I still want an answer from my endo.

I’m not sure she understands the question, so I keep pushing.