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What vaccination means to me
Double Masking?

Things are going well with Profile by Sanford.
I am steadily losing weight. We did a second measurement Wednesday and I have lost 9 inches. I have lost just over 15 pounds and am close to a third “decade”.
I am now wearing the short band on my Apple Watch.
It’s still very easy to do this way of eating.
I've been living out of hampers since my bathroom stopped working.  I didn't realize that I had a whole bunch more clothing than I was wearning -- some of it is really cute.  The nice thing is that the tops will work for a while.
So I started cleaning out my closets.  I'm going to have Operation Kindness pick up my 3x clothing on their next pickup.  
I also discovered a whole bunch of clothing that I bought when I was this almost small with Jenny Craig, so I have a whole wardrobe of athleisure that is waiting for me to lose a few more pounds!