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I was wrong on double masking

Double Masking?

This concept drives me nuts, but I wear a much different mask from most.

Mine is a silicon mask from

It clings to the skin, giving a tight seal.  If I get any fogging, I just press the mask and it stays.  It doesn’t slip.  Even running my dogs at a dog show.

They also sell a liner made out of material similar to that used to make N95.  The nice part of the liner is that it can go in any mask.  I have gone to a few places that didn’t like the silicon (my cornea doctor) so I wore a fabric mask with the liner in it.

I do keep a fabric mask in the car, so I guess I’ll go through the motions.

I’ve been vaccinated without knowing and have managed to NOT get infected.  I’ve only know for about a month and I haven’t changed the way I do things indoors.  I’m a bit more relaxed outside, depending on who I am with.

By the way, if you want to double mask without any bulk, those liners from are really great.