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Just hit a goal that was supposed to be a short term goal

What vaccination means to me

I've said this on other people's posts but finding out that I've had the vaccine since September / October is a huge relief.

First, I've managed to not get covid by masking, social distancing, and washing my hands. I've traveled to Oklahoma, East Texas, and Glen Rose. I get my nails done weekly, I go to Nordstrom's for lunch, and a few other restaurants. I go shopping. I go to the gym, but when they got really bad about not wearing a mask, I froze my membership again.
BUT, there was a little voice in my head, wondering if I am doing the right thing.

That little voice is gone now. It's very freeing.

Yes, I am still wearing a mask, but I'm back at the gym. I'm still social distancing, but I'll admit to getting a hug last week and it felt really good. Second hug since March.

When I wake up stiff and congested, I no longer wonder if I have covid.
Yes, I know that the science isn't proven yet whether or not, I can catch it and spread it BUT I didn't catch it and spread it before I was vaccinated or before I knew I was vaccinated.

What knowing I was vaccinated does is let me know I was doing the right thing.

That's freeing. Even if I still wear a mask, keep my distance, and wash my hands.