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Apple Fitness Plus rocks.

Stunning realization about the diet

I have just around 100 pounds to lose.  At 1-2 pounds a week, that means I’m eating the Profile way for the next two years.

I’ve already cleaned out the freezer.  My next move is the pantry, but I need to find a place to take the non-plan stuff.  I’ve tossed things I know other people wouldn’t want.  Half opened, etc.

Eating that way doesn’t bother me near the way Jenny Craig did.  I do 4 meal replacement shakes a day, 1 bar, and a fiber drink.  Lunch is 2 cups of veggies with 1 fat, dinner is protein, vegetables and fat.

Yeah, very little carb.

Husband and I can eat together one meal, and if he needs carbs, he knows where to find them.

Dog shows shouldn’t be bad.  I put an extra two gallons of water in the car for shakes.  Just have to find a salad or something for lunch, dinner should be salad and protein.