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Confession Time

Stayed on Profile all weekend at a dog show

Went to a dog show in Glen Rose, Texas this weekend.  Took my Profile food with me and was able to stay on it even with Dog Show stress and really bad weather.

Friday and Saturday were great.  I didn’t get to eat where I planned, waited to late and Cleburne’s restaurants were slammed.  It’s about half the cost to stay 20 minutes away so I definitely did that.

I picked up a salad from Scholsky’s using their online ordering app.  

For Saturday lunch, I picked up a salad using McAllister’s onion ordering app.  

Online ordering is great because I can take my time and make sure my salad has what I need in it, and there is less room for error.

There was a Winter Weather storm alert and since the room had a refrigerator, I decided to pick up two salads.  Went to RaceTrack and they probably had a few more carbs in the dressing than I needed but they worked.

We definitely had snow on Sunday.  I got to the show site with little snow, but by the time we finished showing the roads were covered.  I went back to the hotel in Cleburne as quickly as possible.

We didn’t have as much snow in Cleburne, but I didn’t want to drive in the dark, and didn’t want to ask a delivery person to drive when I wasn’t up to it, so I grabbed dinner early.

So the grand total is 1 1/2 pounds lost over the weekend, even with limited exercise on Sunday.

The great thing was how well it worked.  I did pick up some new blender bottles from Target — they were on sale.  I only had to worry about lunch and dinner, and I have good choices now.