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10 pounds lost of Profile!
What vaccination means to me

Just hit a goal that was supposed to be a short term goal

I have hit a weight goal I've had for several years.  I’ve always looked at weight loss as a short term and a long term goal.

My short term goal has been 245.  I’ve tried for two years to reach that, and I’ve been within a pound or two.

I've been on a great behavioral management plan, but I really needed the structure that Profile gives.

I know that I'm going to hit plateau's and I know I'll go off plan (I did a bit yesterday, broke down and ate a fun-sized chocolate bar).

I think I've finally found the key for me to lose weight!

For those who don’t know:

I started out at 320 pounds in May 2009, had bariatric surgery and lost 70 pounds. I stalled out a few years ago and in the last year, the band was so tight I couldn't eat anything healthy. I could have done the shakes, but not dinner.

I saw a bariatric surgeon this summer and after lots of testing we found that my band had slipped. She took all the fluid out of the band and I promptly gained about 5 pounds.

I literally found Profile by Sanford by driving down the street and joined that day. We couldn't get doctor's approval for Reboot for a few weeks, but I still lost weight.