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What vaccination means to me

I've said this on other people's posts but finding out that I've had the vaccine since September / October is a huge relief.

First, I've managed to not get covid by masking, social distancing, and washing my hands. I've traveled to Oklahoma, East Texas, and Glen Rose. I get my nails done weekly, I go to Nordstrom's for lunch, and a few other restaurants. I go shopping. I go to the gym, but when they got really bad about not wearing a mask, I froze my membership again.
BUT, there was a little voice in my head, wondering if I am doing the right thing.

That little voice is gone now. It's very freeing.

Yes, I am still wearing a mask, but I'm back at the gym. I'm still social distancing, but I'll admit to getting a hug last week and it felt really good. Second hug since March.

When I wake up stiff and congested, I no longer wonder if I have covid.
Yes, I know that the science isn't proven yet whether or not, I can catch it and spread it BUT I didn't catch it and spread it before I was vaccinated or before I knew I was vaccinated.

What knowing I was vaccinated does is let me know I was doing the right thing.

That's freeing. Even if I still wear a mask, keep my distance, and wash my hands.

Just hit a goal that was supposed to be a short term goal

I have hit a weight goal I've had for several years.  I’ve always looked at weight loss as a short term and a long term goal.

My short term goal has been 245.  I’ve tried for two years to reach that, and I’ve been within a pound or two.

I've been on a great behavioral management plan, but I really needed the structure that Profile gives.

I know that I'm going to hit plateau's and I know I'll go off plan (I did a bit yesterday, broke down and ate a fun-sized chocolate bar).

I think I've finally found the key for me to lose weight!

For those who don’t know:

I started out at 320 pounds in May 2009, had bariatric surgery and lost 70 pounds. I stalled out a few years ago and in the last year, the band was so tight I couldn't eat anything healthy. I could have done the shakes, but not dinner.

I saw a bariatric surgeon this summer and after lots of testing we found that my band had slipped. She took all the fluid out of the band and I promptly gained about 5 pounds.

I literally found Profile by Sanford by driving down the street and joined that day. We couldn't get doctor's approval for Reboot for a few weeks, but I still lost weight.

10 pounds lost of Profile!

I’ve lost 10 pounds now according to the Profile App!

Profile has been easy for me, I haven’t had a binge since the day before the foundation repair started.  Man was I stressed.  

We’re slowly adding choices — last week, we added Profile Pizza Crust, and it took a couple of tries before I figured it out. 

This week we added Profile Ice Cream.

Both count as 15g meal replacements.

I get 4 15g meal replacements a day, and 1 10g meal replacement.  Usually 4 shakes and 1 protein bar, but the pizza crust and the ice cream also work as shakes.

Lunch is at least 2 cups of vegetables added to a meal replacement.  Dinner is 3-4 oz protein, 1-2 oz of fat, and at least 2 cups of vegetables.  I admit to frequently going over on those portions, but that keeps me to no more than a 2 pound weight loss a week.

Going to the gym, either the one in the house or the one outside the house.

Pain level is still pretty high.

At my lowest weight in over a year!

I am at the lowest weight I have been at in over year.  This last month has been so much easier than the last year.  I was doing everything I could to lose weight — work out and try to control my eating.

Because the band had slipped and because I was eating the wrong food, and couldn’t control my eating, nothing I did was working.

I’m still having trouble with wanting to eat late at night — last night was carrots.

Most of the time, being this low carb has been pretty easy.  Last night I just couldn’t eat my retables. 

Profile by Sanford just works for me, but I probably couldn’t do it if I hadn’t done the lap band first.

It means I have a weight loss of over 70 pounds at my heaviest.

Confession Time

I have had a really bad habit for a long time.

McDonald’s Mocha

It was a lap band issue.  I couldn’t eat before noon, and I frequently needed a lot of calories to get started, especially teaching and dog show / agility days.

Lots of walking etc.

I started with large, and finally switched to small unless I had a long drive.

I’ve been doing the Mocha shakes by Profile since I started on December 10.  I finally added a cup of coffee and whipped cream.  Doesn’t have the calories or carbs, but the test and feeling in the mouth is the same.

A win!

Stayed on Profile all weekend at a dog show

Went to a dog show in Glen Rose, Texas this weekend.  Took my Profile food with me and was able to stay on it even with Dog Show stress and really bad weather.

Friday and Saturday were great.  I didn’t get to eat where I planned, waited to late and Cleburne’s restaurants were slammed.  It’s about half the cost to stay 20 minutes away so I definitely did that.

I picked up a salad from Scholsky’s using their online ordering app.  

For Saturday lunch, I picked up a salad using McAllister’s onion ordering app.  

Online ordering is great because I can take my time and make sure my salad has what I need in it, and there is less room for error.

There was a Winter Weather storm alert and since the room had a refrigerator, I decided to pick up two salads.  Went to RaceTrack and they probably had a few more carbs in the dressing than I needed but they worked.

We definitely had snow on Sunday.  I got to the show site with little snow, but by the time we finished showing the roads were covered.  I went back to the hotel in Cleburne as quickly as possible.

We didn’t have as much snow in Cleburne, but I didn’t want to drive in the dark, and didn’t want to ask a delivery person to drive when I wasn’t up to it, so I grabbed dinner early.

So the grand total is 1 1/2 pounds lost over the weekend, even with limited exercise on Sunday.

The great thing was how well it worked.  I did pick up some new blender bottles from Target — they were on sale.  I only had to worry about lunch and dinner, and I have good choices now.

Apple Fitness Plus rocks.

First, Obi and I are hanging out in Cleburn and showing in Glen Rose. He had to wake me all night but I was able to turn off the Omnipod and get it back to an decent value.  

So much better than having to eat sugar. 

I woke up incredibly stiff between the cold here — it’s in the 29 degree range, impending change of weather and low blood sugar. 

Took Obi to do his thing and eat. Came back and did the 10 minutes of Beginner Yoga with Dustin and feel better.

It’s disappointing that the hotel Fitness center is closed but this is doing fine.   

Kathleen Weaver

Stunning realization about the diet

I have just around 100 pounds to lose.  At 1-2 pounds a week, that means I’m eating the Profile way for the next two years.

I’ve already cleaned out the freezer.  My next move is the pantry, but I need to find a place to take the non-plan stuff.  I’ve tossed things I know other people wouldn’t want.  Half opened, etc.

Eating that way doesn’t bother me near the way Jenny Craig did.  I do 4 meal replacement shakes a day, 1 bar, and a fiber drink.  Lunch is 2 cups of veggies with 1 fat, dinner is protein, vegetables and fat.

Yeah, very little carb.

Husband and I can eat together one meal, and if he needs carbs, he knows where to find them.

Dog shows shouldn’t be bad.  I put an extra two gallons of water in the car for shakes.  Just have to find a salad or something for lunch, dinner should be salad and protein.