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I have lost 2 pounds between signing up and starting because I have been adapting the new plan to what I was doing using their app. I had some protein shakes and bars that I used instead of theirs. I signed up Wednesday. 

Unfortunately the person that runs the center I went to has had a death in the family so I haven’t met that staff yet. I am sure I can go to a different center if this isn’t a good fit. There are quite a few around Dallas and it’s a weekly trip. 

So far, I have liked everyone I have met or talked to on the phone.  

My doctor hasn’t gotten back on the extremely low carb plan so they started me on a less restrictive plan which might make me happier.  

It includes two of their bars and one shake for snacks. The lunch and dinner menus are very doable.  

I have my initial measurements now.  

Good stuff all around.  

Kathleen Weaver