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Pfizer Covid Study

I haven’t been comfortable about discussing the Pfizer Covid study as usually when I work with a pharmaceutical company I’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement. Not in this case, and people are coming out about it.

I will admit that many scary thoughts crossed my mind, especially since Pfizer is a new type of study.  I was shocked because a good friend who is a veterinarian working for research labs didn’t want me to do it.

Here are the deciding factors for me to do this:

Jumping the line for vaccination (doing the study gave me a 50% chance of getting a vaccine) 

Getting paid well.  

Helping society get out of this covid thing.

Learning more about a cool new technology.


So far, that’s been all been going on.  I have no idea whether or not I got the real thing, and I’ve got a debit card with a good budget.

I’ve had two needle jabs, a blood draw and I interact with an app weekly.  The first visit literally took most of an afternoon.  The second visit also took most of an afternoon, but probably an hour shorter.

Most of the time taken up in those visits was paperwork.  I did have to wait for an time period to make sure I didn’t have an immediate reaction.

I was very fatigued for about 5 days after each jab and I’ve had a sore arm at the injection site.  These are standard reactions for me after any vaccination.  I get yearly flu shots and any thing else my primary care physician wants to throw at me.

I’m very excited as I got an email today saying that we will get an official email after FDA EUA which is projected to unblind us and then let us know how to schedule a vaccination if we were given the placebo.

I have faith in the Pfizer vaccine, even with the few allergic reactions that were seen on the first day of injections in Great Britain.

I also believe you should take whichever vaccine that is available to you as soon as possible.