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Kathleen Weaver
@applefitplus Apple Fitness is working on the TV now!

Loving @AppleFitPlus

I did a cycling workout in the gym, did two workouts this evening, strength and yoga. My only issue, I needed this in March.  

Too many maskless people at the gym. Of course, one is too many. Cleaning the equipment is a PITA, though we should have been doing that all along. 

I like the pool but it literally takes forever to dry my hair when I don’t use my Dyson and it isn’t going there.  

Okay, there were more issues. I have updated everything, both watches, iPad, iPhone and both TVs. Don’t see a fitness app on the TV but can air play. I would also like to use HomePod for the sound. iPad isn’t working.  

Watch and iPhone did not work together at the gym. Might be because their WiFi is down but it did say Bluetooth. 

It did work this evening. 

Looking forward to some future workouts.  

Kathleen Weaver