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I am frustrated since we removed the fluid out of the band.  I’m still not ready for surgery though.

I had to get labs done yesterday then pick up CPAP equipment and on the way, I noticed a new storefront.  “Profile - Weight Loss Coaching”.  So while I waited for my CPAP equipment I looked them up and liked what I saw.

I went back to the storefront, sat in the parking lot and did more online research.  Liked what I saw even more.

Things I really liked: can go on month to month membership and the initial fee more than covered the stuff they give you:

Smart scale for weight

Food Scale

Shake mixing ball container

Water bottle (like I don’t have a lot of those)

A couple of booklets.

I don’t start officially until Tuesday.  We’re waiting to hear from my endo and primary care physician to decide which plan to go on.

It’s low carb, which I’ve been able to do before.

I have to confess some issues with the scale — you have to push the user button before you can use it.  And some issues with their app.  Their tech support isn’t very responsive.