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December 2020

Really Pleased with Profile by Sanford

I have lost 5 pounds since I joined Profile.  I like it so much I signed up for a full year, and got some price breaks.

I’m on their very low carb diet.  It’s 4 protein shakes, a protein bar, a fiber drink.  Lunch is at least 2 cups of vegetables and a fat.  Dinner is 3oz of protein, 2 oz of fat, and at least 2 cups of vegetables.  

I have been able to reduce my insulin usage from 45 units a day to 25 units a day.  My time in range is over 80% from around 60%.  

Am I 100% perfect every day?  No, but I shrug and try to do better the next time period.  Screw up lunch, that’s fine, try again next time period.

I saw the full center yesterday and I’m not sure how they are making it. I do know that the center itself has trouble keeping tenants — hope the rent is reasonable.  They were set up to have at least 6 counselors/sales people working there.

The nice thing is that Profile is set up to be done remote.  Few of the food has to be cold or frozen.  

They do have plans for men, pregnant or lactating women.  

They do give benefits to referrals, so please tell them I sent you.

Loving @AppleFitPlus

I did a cycling workout in the gym, did two workouts this evening, strength and yoga. My only issue, I needed this in March.  

Too many maskless people at the gym. Of course, one is too many. Cleaning the equipment is a PITA, though we should have been doing that all along. 

I like the pool but it literally takes forever to dry my hair when I don’t use my Dyson and it isn’t going there.  

Okay, there were more issues. I have updated everything, both watches, iPad, iPhone and both TVs. Don’t see a fitness app on the TV but can air play. I would also like to use HomePod for the sound. iPad isn’t working.  

Watch and iPhone did not work together at the gym. Might be because their WiFi is down but it did say Bluetooth. 

It did work this evening. 

Looking forward to some future workouts.  

Kathleen Weaver

Started Profile by Standford

I have lost 2 pounds between signing up and starting because I have been adapting the new plan to what I was doing using their app. I had some protein shakes and bars that I used instead of theirs. I signed up Wednesday. 

Unfortunately the person that runs the center I went to has had a death in the family so I haven’t met that staff yet. I am sure I can go to a different center if this isn’t a good fit. There are quite a few around Dallas and it’s a weekly trip. 

So far, I have liked everyone I have met or talked to on the phone.  

My doctor hasn’t gotten back on the extremely low carb plan so they started me on a less restrictive plan which might make me happier.  

It includes two of their bars and one shake for snacks. The lunch and dinner menus are very doable.  

I have my initial measurements now.  

Good stuff all around.  

Kathleen Weaver

My Profile App is working!

I was hoping my doctor’s approval had come in, but not.  I pinged them this morning.  

My profile app is finally working and I have a meal plan in it.  I’m going to try to follow it with the stuff I have at home.

I’ve learned that it takes a while for weight to show up.  This morning, I closed the app and the weight was there, so I’ll see if that’s what does it.

I show that I lost some weight today, but the weight that registered yesterday might have included clothing and today didn’t.

I do think they have a referral code if you want to join me.  That’s my next question to them.

Joined Profile by Sanford

I am frustrated since we removed the fluid out of the band.  I’m still not ready for surgery though.

I had to get labs done yesterday then pick up CPAP equipment and on the way, I noticed a new storefront.  “Profile - Weight Loss Coaching”.  So while I waited for my CPAP equipment I looked them up and liked what I saw.

I went back to the storefront, sat in the parking lot and did more online research.  Liked what I saw even more.

Things I really liked: can go on month to month membership and the initial fee more than covered the stuff they give you:

Smart scale for weight

Food Scale

Shake mixing ball container

Water bottle (like I don’t have a lot of those)

A couple of booklets.

I don’t start officially until Tuesday.  We’re waiting to hear from my endo and primary care physician to decide which plan to go on.

It’s low carb, which I’ve been able to do before.

I have to confess some issues with the scale — you have to push the user button before you can use it.  And some issues with their app.  Their tech support isn’t very responsive.

Pfizer Covid Study

I haven’t been comfortable about discussing the Pfizer Covid study as usually when I work with a pharmaceutical company I’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement. Not in this case, and people are coming out about it.

I will admit that many scary thoughts crossed my mind, especially since Pfizer is a new type of study.  I was shocked because a good friend who is a veterinarian working for research labs didn’t want me to do it.

Here are the deciding factors for me to do this:

Jumping the line for vaccination (doing the study gave me a 50% chance of getting a vaccine) 

Getting paid well.  

Helping society get out of this covid thing.

Learning more about a cool new technology.


So far, that’s been all been going on.  I have no idea whether or not I got the real thing, and I’ve got a debit card with a good budget.

I’ve had two needle jabs, a blood draw and I interact with an app weekly.  The first visit literally took most of an afternoon.  The second visit also took most of an afternoon, but probably an hour shorter.

Most of the time taken up in those visits was paperwork.  I did have to wait for an time period to make sure I didn’t have an immediate reaction.

I was very fatigued for about 5 days after each jab and I’ve had a sore arm at the injection site.  These are standard reactions for me after any vaccination.  I get yearly flu shots and any thing else my primary care physician wants to throw at me.

I’m very excited as I got an email today saying that we will get an official email after FDA EUA which is projected to unblind us and then let us know how to schedule a vaccination if we were given the placebo.

I have faith in the Pfizer vaccine, even with the few allergic reactions that were seen on the first day of injections in Great Britain.

I also believe you should take whichever vaccine that is available to you as soon as possible.

Leaving Precision Nutrition - score refund!

I have been doing Precision Nutrition and I really recommend them.

I think they have kept me from gaining more weight than I have. I have done one and a half years with them.

However I am not seeing the change I need and I am going with something new. More on that.

Best thing is that refunded my unused account and it will fund the new program. I honestly did not expect the refund.

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