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Fun Dexcom Day

Wasn’t paying attention, and my Dexcom transmitter failed.

Fun fact: I activated it on 9/23 and it’s supposed to last 90 days.

So I contacted my CVS pharmacy where I fill these things, and they did have one on the shelf, and filled it before 5:00 pm.  Saints, these people are.

Then I found another spare sitting on a shelf downstairs.  Hopefully I’ll remember.

I shouldn’t need another transmitter for 270 days!


So then I go to put everything on, and the inserter didn’t release.  Jiggled it and everything.

So I put a different sensor on.

And yes — had to make a second call to Dexcom.


Their employees are no longer in the US, <URG> and so of course don’t know that shipping will get further delayed as we get closer to December 25.

Which is also why I’m already ordering Christmas and Birthday gifts for December.