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September 2020

Bariatric surgery decisions

I've decided to let things be. The surgeon has removed all the fluid from the band. I've been slowly getting used to eating anything I want. The best part is that my digestive system seems to be working normally again. I was having horrible constipation. I've decided to leave it alone and get checked for erosions and other issues. That's on October 1. The nice thing that is that I can always change my mind.

First time doing a full gym workout

I froze my gym membership back in March when it was free. It unfroze on Tuesday and I went in and did some cardio to see how it was going to be. Saw some regulars, saw some things I didn't like == mostly people without masks. I'll probably start using the pool next week. Some lockers are open and half the showers. Today I went in and did a full leg and arm workout and 30 minutes of cardio. Saw some more regulars. Nice to see that people have survived the quarantine, especially the employees. I can always freeze again, but I think I'll keep it unfrozen. It an be lonely teaching online.