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Current Status and Thoughts - Covid19 and Diabetes

Scary times. I'm 60 and diabetic so I am at high risk of ending up in the hospital and on a respirator. I'm also high risk for dying. Frankly, I don't want to take up resources a younger person might need, especially if those resources are in shortage. I don't want to be unconscious in a hospital where my husband can't visit. Of course that time when you are on the vent, is the best time to visit, but there are a few days after where company is nice. I have talked about the possibility of having it with my primary care physician. Back in February and today. Both times he said my respiratory symptoms are my normal spring pollen symptoms and at this time he doesn't recommend testing. Here's the deal: They have their own lab, so if he doesn't think I need to be tested, I don't need to be tested. I didn't put it as this succinctly, but a friend did. The virus is just like Schrödinger's cat. You can get tested and be positive. But that could be a false positive. You can positive and not have symptoms. You can be positive and have symptoms. If you don't have symptoms, you should self quarantine for 2-3 weeks. If you do have symptoms, you should treat the symptoms and self quarantine for 2-3 weeks. You can get tested and be negative. It could be a false negative. At the moment, I'm in Texas and Dallas County and my movements are restricted. Basically in quarantine for 2-3 weeks. You could get the virus two days after you get tested -- see above. I do think that shutting things down enough so that every one is quarantined for 2-3 weeks. I do think this is something we're going to have to live with. I think the things we have done have not only allowed the virus to stop circulating is also allowing the flu virus to stop circulating. We're going to be wearing face masks for a while, and that when we see a community outbreak, we're going to have to shut down community down for a 2-3 week.