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All of my diabetes care is now available at my local CVS pharamacy


No more DME for my diabetes care.  No more 90 day supply.

Dexcom G6 sensors: check

Omnipod Dash: check

Insulin: of course

Ozepic: of course

Test strips: them too

I can't tell you how much nicer it is to be able to go to your local CVS and pick up your diabetes supplies.  No more UPS, no more FEDEX.  It shows up too hot, the pharmacy deals with it.

Not only that but if I travel, I can get it filled at a local to that location too.

Now they don't keep them in stock, and it typically takes a business day to get them, but I can live with that.

Seriously, when I drove to Boston this year and needed insulin, I was able to pick it up in Sikeston, Missouri.  When I needed a new transmitter for my Dexcom G6, I was able to get that in Acton, Massachusetts.  It makes traveling so much easier when you don't have to pack everything for the full trip but can get what I needed on the road.

Answers finally

I finally got an answer, and I've been working on that for a few weeks. I've been having pain off and on, but I really thought it was the knees, and so did the rheumatologist. He said come back in six months, and oh, get an X-ray of your back. He decided it was my knees and my weight. Well, I got the x-ray of my back, but didn't get the results. I asked my chiropractor to look at them, and she shared them with me. Basically I have osteoarthritis of my lower back. The chiropractor has me on a decompression machine which isn't making it worse, and we should see results until next week. The rheumatologist is frustrating but I do sleep better with the gabapentin he prescribed. I'm going to talk to my primary care physician and see what he suggests next. I'm considering going back to physical therapy.