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August 2019

So what happened with the leg?

I haven’t said much about it because I am so discouraged.

On May 2, I was getting ready for a dog show and fell hard.  I literally couldn’t get up and had to crawl to a chair and pull myself up.  Husband brought me the crutches and I just couldn’t use them.  It was late in the day and I was in denial so waited and did xrays the next day.

Good news, nothing was broke and it wasn’t any thing an orthopedic surgeon could fix.  I got a Physical Therapy appointment as quickly as possible, and worked with them from May until mid July.  I stopped when I wasn’t making any more progress.

At that point, I was walking with a limp which wears me out, or using a walker.

On the good news front, I’ve found a walker that looks good and I can show Obi with.  I have good and bad days. Yesterday I walked into the gym and Nordstrom’s — today I used the walker.  

My orthopedic surgeon wanted me off anti-inflammatories, but my primary care physician wants me to do them for another month.

At this point I am planning to go to the National Specialty and the dog is entered, but it depends on how the regional speciality in Iowa goes.