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June 2019

Fall Recovery

I fell on May 2.  I'm still going to PT and we think I have 3 more weeks to go.

Yesterday I had Physical Therapy at noon, and then went to conformation class with Obi.  Everything was easier but 6" steps and standing are still kicking my butt.

I was able to move Obi well enough on the down and back, but I'm still slow moving him around the outside of the ring.  The Dallas shows are the first weekend of July, and  I am planning on taking my walker, as it's easier to sit and position him than it is to squat and position him.  

The day after PT, I'm doing the pool.  I find that I just ache the next day, and being in the pool helps.  I do as many of the at home exercises I can in the pull, especially balance and standing.

Fall Recovery

Still have lots of odd pains in my leg.  Most my butt, the band of tissue above the knee, and knee pain when I'm tired.  Unfortunately about 5 steps makes me tired.

I'm learning to take the afternoon off after PT, and to take the next day off.  Today, I am starting to work hard on standing since I can't stand on the right leg only.

The good news, is that I have now met my maximum out of pocket, and I was pain free working out on the bike yesterday.  I was having pain when fully extending that leg.

Also, I was able to do all the exercises that the PT people threw at me on Friday.

Every day is a bit better.

Fall Update

This should be 5 weeks since I fell.

I went to dog agility.  The drive didn't bother me as much -- some of the rougher roads as I got close but not like last time.

I parked halfway between the PortaPotty and the door to the barn.  EE had lots of chairs spread out, which was really nice.  We started out by sitting and talking and ended that way.

We did some nice distance work but man, does Summer have trouble focusing there.

I can just imagine what will happen at a trial.

The best news:  I was almost walking!

Don't go to Eyelab

I will admit some serious frustration with the office staff at my optometrist office so I dropped into an EyeLab  

Is remote optometrist a thing now?  She could have been in India.  The video connection between us was working but the actual device wasn't and I had trouble making people understand that.  

After an hour of their game, I left, let them know I would not be back. They better have not filed an insurance claim.  

Healing is frustrating

I’m almost walking, and I’m walking just a bit better each day.

I’m doing 5 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the recumbent bike, and all the exercises the PT people have me do.

I am going to PT twice a week.  Each time I go in, they tell me I’m doing better.  Then they give me something I can’t do and I get frustrated.  They send me home, aching, and aching the next day.  Two days after, I start feeling good again.

It’s been a month — seems longer, I was thinking it was 6 weeks last week.  

The last time I used assistance to walk was to go to dog class.  I knew that walking through the building would wear me out.  I was able to do about half of class, so that wasn’t bad.  

I give myself a major walking goal most days.  

I feel better, writing this, as I just realized it wasn’t as long as I thought.