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Fall Recovery
So what happened with the leg?

Fall Recovery

I fell on May 2.  I'm still going to PT and we think I have 3 more weeks to go.

Yesterday I had Physical Therapy at noon, and then went to conformation class with Obi.  Everything was easier but 6" steps and standing are still kicking my butt.

I was able to move Obi well enough on the down and back, but I'm still slow moving him around the outside of the ring.  The Dallas shows are the first weekend of July, and  I am planning on taking my walker, as it's easier to sit and position him than it is to squat and position him.  

The day after PT, I'm doing the pool.  I find that I just ache the next day, and being in the pool helps.  I do as many of the at home exercises I can in the pull, especially balance and standing.