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Personal Trainer's Should Respect Their clients time

That is the Biggest program I have had with personal trainers.

I had one that came to the house and we worked out at my gym, but I dismantled it.  I may be putting it back together, not sure.  I like the social aspect most.

I have had personal trainers not show up (3 times!).  Show up late.  Quit without telling anyone including the gym.

The latest has been a place I liked but I really think that the workouts were too hard for me.  

Twice they texted me, and wanted me to change times.  Didn't respond when I said it would work.  Double booking is NOT cool, which was what happened.  

I really think that is all about the fact that it is more profitable for them to book individual or small group rather than large group.

All of the above has resulted in fired personal trainers. 

Root Canal

I started to see some temperature sensitivity in one of my teeth.  #14 to be exact.

After 4 years of going to Baylor and it taking 4-5 visits of half a day each, I've decided to go back to a private dentist.  Monarch to be exact.  I don't have the best dental insurance (I've had that, but it's expensive), but I have decent.  Price is about the same and I don't have to handle the paper work.

I liked the general dentist and they are sending me to their specialist for the root canal.  I'll go back to the general dentist for the temporary and crown, right after.  Not a lot different than the dental college, but a lot faster time frame.  

I've got a call out to the dental college and I am hoping I can get my records.  

Best news is that I am not in pain.