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Day 1 of Plumbing Repair

It's been estimated at just under $19,000 and 5 days.

They showed up on time.  They have huge piles of dirt in front of the house and in the back of the house and they just keep getting bigger.  The dog run is gone.  I locked the dog door a bit ago.  I've got a x-pen up.

I have been doing business with this company for a few years.  I'm always afraid a company will go bad, like AAA-Auger did, but everyone keeps telling me they are good.  

Basically they are putting two tunnels under the house, and rerouting the waste system and building a new one.  Plumbing hasn't been working right for two months.

I was going to take two dogs with me to dog agility but they had me leave the front door unlocked, the back door unlocked and the garage door open.  That freaked me out, as there were two things in the house I can't replace.  Macy and Dulce.

I took them with me.

The stress wasn't good for me.  I ate a quarter of my lunch and now my blood sugar is dropping.  I am eating gummy bears now.