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Wearing my Tom's Again

I love my Tom's and have a huge Tom's collection.  

However, the last time I wore my Tom's was walking to and from the Fort Worth Dog show and parking lot, I suffered a huge plantar fasciitis attack.  I went to an orthopedist first, the same one who solved my toe problem, but after three visits, I still couldn't walk without pain.

I went to North Dallas Pain and Wellness, with all my pain issues, and they resolved them.  Hand grip pain, knee pain and plantar fasciitis.  I finally got the courage to try the Toms again last week, and no pain!

However, now I'm suffering some back / hip pain.  After I got back from Portland I was 2" off, and now am down to 1/3" off.  

The things I think helped the most -- Physical Therapy -- I couldn't do most of the exercises I started, and now have full range of motion, stem therapy in the knees, and ultrasound in the feet.