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Modoma - The new answer

I’ve hinted about this place in two previous posts.

They are on Inwood Rd, just across from the Galleria.

I can’t get over how clean and nice this gym is.  It’s small, not a lot of space and they specialize in group private training.  Group private training has been 4 trainers on one person, or one trainer with 4 people, or anything in between.

They have a 6 week challenge, which is there way to attract members.  It isn’t cheap, and they suggest training three times a week.  They focus on core training, where my phyiscal theory has focused on my injuries.  They are also really big on off days.  They have classes MWF or TTS.  Closed on Sunday.

Their 6 week challenge is free if you lose enough weight (I don’t remember what the exact deal was) or reduces your monthly rate.  So far, I’ve lost about 10 pounds in 4 weeks.  

The challenge combines food advice with training.  Their food advice is a small box, but they are willing to adjust that box as needed.  With my lap band, following their box resulted in 900 calories yesterday.  Both I and the head trainer was concerned about going into starvation mode, so I’m opening the box up a bit.  I’m already at 804 calories today, so that’s good.