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August 2018

Keeping track of injections

I do great organizing my pills and I finally figured out to keep track of my injections. 

I use a sharpie and put a date on each pen needle. I pull out the tab and put them in the an old plastic cap from a Walgreens nut jar.  

Nicely organized and I can tell from a glance if I took my injection.

Still loving my Daily toric contacts

Though I'm going to look into multi-focus next year. I love multi-focus contacts but haven't had any in a while.  Vision is better.

I am not sure that the upfront cost makes up for solutions, especially since I am still doing the dry eye and washing my lids each day.

I occasionally have the odd contact accident -- lost one yesterday.  Could not find it any where, and remember my experience with extended wear and wearing a contact bandage last year, I slept in these.  Not for a short night, and put in extra moist eye drops before I went to sleep.

It bothers me that I have to buy them a year at a time since my prescription can change, but I do think I'll do the overnight thing once in a while.  I'm thinking dog show weekends for sure since I often have to wake up and walk the dog in the middle of the night.

I certainly don't recommend it.