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Trying Meal Kits

I tried SunBasket, and they just don't work for us.  I liked the two weeks, BUT we don't eat dinner together on Wednesday.  Their delivery arrived very late on Monday night, and so we ending up having the last meal on Friday and the produce was very tired.

It was better the second week when it arrived before dinner time.

However,  did emeals for the first dinner last night and it was great.  Emeals has lots of different plans and options and there is NO food shipping.  Instead, I ordered from Walmart Grocery pickup, and picked it up.  I've done Walmart pickup 3 times now and I can't get over the service.  It's not like normal Walmart at all.  The last two times, I've used their checkin service and they have walked up to my car seconds after I park.

The meal was great, and I'll be doing it again.  One of the other things I like about the Walmart delivery app, is I can put things in my cart as I go, and then when I get a big enough order ($30.00), I can schedule the pick up.

Savings Catcher still works.

The only thing I didn't like was that two of the items were out of stock, and I didn't know until pickup time.  They were items I could pick up at a different grocery store on the way home so I wasn't bad.

Walmart isn't the only option but so far, is the most convenient for me, as I can swing by easily after I go to the gym.  

I almost forgot, here's link to eMeals: Emeals

I did the chicken/sausage creole sheet pan dinner with rice.  I didn't get bell peppers and fresh tomatoes, but skipping the peppers was fine and I did a can of diced tomatoes instead.  It was great that way.  Which reminds me, I need to add onions to my grocery order.