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The joys of being blood sugar challenged
Best I've been in a while

New med and new doctor isn't working

I took a new medication -- which was an old medication and it really back fired.   Literally no weight loss which was the reason even though I have severe diarrhea the entire time.  I think some of the other side effects were caused by the diarrhea, but I went off of it and am not completely over it.

I'm not thrilled with the doctor's response, she denied some of my claims as to side effects -- but did agree that we should hold off on trying any new drugs until this was completely out of my system and I had completely recovered.

I don't really like her office -- I have been to two of her offices -- the intake for the weight loss program and her regular office, and both times arrived early and was seen way after my scheduled appointment time.  I really dislike my time not being valued.

I complained on the patient survey.

We'll see how the weight loss class goes.