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New med and new doctor isn't working
Current Status

Best I've been in a while

A lot of that is getting the topirimate out of my system.  It was like having a gastrointestinal virus for 4 weeks.

Though I am sure that one of the biggest side effects was being dehydrated and I'm not fully hydrated yet.

I'm feeling good enough to start putting the house back together.  That stuff made me as sick as the flu, especially with the foot problems.  It still bothers me but more of a dull ache now.

I've got my mac mini up and running upstairs, and I'm still thinking about bringing up one of the older Surface PC's.

The nice thing about the Mac Mini, is that I can drop anything in it's place, including another Mac Mini.  Or a Mac Pro....

I finally got Medtronics to credit my account for an order that I had them cancel.  That was weird, because they are usually good about those things.  I'm down to 3+ boxes of infusion sets and I'll probably stay on the pump for a bit longer. I'm still on 40 units a day and that's the easiest way to do that.

The job is going great!  I'm averaging 15 hours a week, maybe a bit more.  Sadly most of that is on the weekends, but that will balance out in a few weeks.  

I start a weight loss class tomorrow.