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New Weight Loss Journey
Plantar Fasciitis is back

A1c is Great

Didn’t expect it because my Dexcom Clarity reports have sucked.

My first A1C after Victoza was 7.0 and my latest A1c (the second after Victoza) was 6.9. 

I have had a steriod shot, and I am expecting a second one in my heel on Wednesday.  After that I am looking for a pain management specialist though I have an appointment with an RA doctor in June, though I expect that to be a pat on the head.

I saw an obesity specialist this week and am starting a weight loss class as soon as they have 5 people in it.  She also suggested an RA specialist, but then agreed on a pain management specialist but did not make a recommendation.  I’ll be asking my foot orthopod for that on Wednesday and the endo for that on Thursday.

I’ve already seen the instructor and have implemented his suggestions.  I see him two more times in addition to the class.