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New insurance is going well

Just got three months worth of Neupro -- on it for Restless leg.  $30 for three months after insurance and savings card

I'm close to getting the two monthly prescriptions at the same time -- Victoza and Dexcom.  They are about $100 a month, but that was true when I was doing the old insurance.

My part of my doctor's visits are averaging less than the copays I was paying.

I'm about $2500 from meeting my out of pocket.  

The key is not to use the mail order pharmacy because they can't accept savings card from the manufacturer.



Update on Previous Post thank you @rubenhealth

Here's the previous post:

Basically my second Endo ever can't get his act together and be in network with Aetna.  Sad because my new Endo is.

The good news: no bills since I wrote the letter firing them, though I did get an invite to the new clinic.  I do occasionally see them try to rerun the initial office visits which still show them out of network.

I'm also $2500 from meeting my out of pocket. 

Interesting news is that Dr. Lyde is in Aetna's network as of 3/15.


Need to follow my own advice

Last night, I ripped off a Dexcom sensor.  I kept wanting to call them and see if they would replace it but I didn't.

Finally the receiver and iPhone app were behaving badly this evening, so I did feel the need to call, because I didn't understand the non-message I was getting.

Long story short, a new sensor is on the way.  

As soon as this transmitter ends, I'm switching back to the two remaining Medtronics sensors and building up a buffer.