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Dexcom Receiver problem solved

My biggest problem with the Dexcom receiver is locating the blasted thing ;)


I lost one because it fell out of my pocket into a suitcase when I was packing for a cruise. I think I found it when I got to the ship. 

Well, CVS/Caremark is forcing me to go to the One Touch meter. The case that comes with the Vario is perfect, it holds the meter assembly, a Tile, and the Dexcom meter perfectly. It's because of the form factor of the test strip holder. 

I am not too broken heartened over the Countour Next loss as I am going off the pump when I am out of supplies and I like the way the One Touch app works on the Apple devices. 

Kathleen Weaver

I have lost a lot of weight with Jenny Craig but I have been stalled this year. A Facebook post reminded that JC is expensive, $140 a week.  With mystery shopping I can eat healthy and get a lot of lunches free.  This week I have two lunches scheduled. I like eating out, it makes me feel special and the whole Jenny Craig messes that part up in my head.

I am starting with dinner tonight.

Beef Stew and some kind of bread. That will make Rich happy.


My Dexcom Receiver arrived today

It’s been a frustrating week. Few things have gone as smoothly as I would like. 

We put in the script for Dexcom last Thursday. Transmitter and sensors arrived Friday and I got everything working but no receiver. 

They reordered and finally heard back Wednesday that they were back ordered.  Came today. Super easy to hook up, just had to put my transmitter SN and it’s up and running. 

Finally going down in my insulin usage and interesting letters

First, when I went on the VIctoza, I had some lows, so we went the wrong way in adjusting insulin usage.  Reducing insulin usage too much in this case was better than too little because I hate lows.  Smile

First we have the basal and dropped the bolus dosage.  I even tried going off pump for a few days.  Didn’t work, my blood sugar was way too high.  So I decided to try halving the bolus dosage and that really helped. I still had to bump up the basal a bit, but I started waking up with blood sugars under 120.  This is a good thing.

Lately I’ve seen fasting blood sugars in the 90-110 range, so I’m really glad.  The last couple of days I woke to blood sugars in the 90s, so now I’m bumping down the basal dosage a bit.  I’m also going to start watching after meal dosages more closely.

The goal is to get off the pump when I run out of supplies.

I’m thinking of turning off the USPS Informed Delivery.  Yesterday I got a letter from each diabetes doctor’s  office.  I knew the new doctor would be sending me a “thank you” for joining the practice, but since I had written a letter terminating services from the other diabetes doctor’s office, I was afraid this was a letter of protest.

No, it was part of a mailing they had done to all their patients, inviting us to come to the new office. Don’t think so.