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January 2018

Things are looking good insurance wise

I got on a “kick” today to make sure everything was straight insurance wise with my pharmacy since I got call that they were trying to get the doctor to respond on a prescription.

So Freestyle Libre is cancelled everywhere.

I picked up my Dexcom Transmitter and Sensor Friday and numbers are quite good since.  Let me tell you when that high blood sugar alert goes off, you stop eating.  Zero out of pocket.

Met deductible on the 12th of January with my Victoria.  There was a huge out of pocket on that since I was still had not met. 

The doctor’s appointment costs are interesting since I now pay 20%. 

My costs to the endocrinologist has been $39.72 for office visit, where I paid $25.00 before.  My labs are another $40.00 so far.   That was usually $25 and $25 each.

So far, it is all looking manageable.

Loving the Dexcom

I've had the Dexcom and the Enlight Sensor on since about 5:00 pm yesterday.  Both are working great. 

I do have two Enlight Sensors – returns from Medtronic's if anyone needs.

Anyone both of them are cruising right along and giving similar reasons.  The Enlight has been on since Tuesday, and I don’t see any reason to pull it.  Right now, I would not say if one is better than the other. 

I am getting super blood sugar readings and my new endo taught me something I’m sure she didn’t know.  I really think upping the dosage by .06 for three days helped things.  I’ve got enough extra that I might pull that off whenever I see bad numbers again.

I am seeing a morning spike, but I think exercise fixes it so far.  I’m keeping an eye on it.

Dexcom Victory - Almost

Got a call at 4:00 pm from my pharmacist.  Seems my sensors and transmitter had come.  I was pretty sure that I didn't really need the receiver, but I called Dexcom to check.  So hopped into the car, and went and got them.

So cool -- script was translated and entered into the system yesterday morning (see previous post).  The key components arrived today.  No insurance preauthorization, no waiting for a trainer, lots of good videos on the internet to see how to hook things up.  My biggest problem is that I walk away from my phone.

Oh, and no charge after the vouchers.

I've currently am $3864.91 towards my out of pocket.  There are still quite a few claims related to the labs run this week, and next week I see my cornea specialist.

But now I can see my blood sugar on my phone and my watch.  Just need to remember not to walk away from my phone.

Dexcom revisited - Caremark patients can have it without preauthorization.

Apparently the pharmacy had a head explosion over the doctors prescription.  The pharmacy kept telling me they didn't have a script and the doctor swore she sent it.

According to Caremark, and they told me twice on the phone and the website reflects this, if you are willing to pay the copay you can have a Dexcom prescription filled. 

Anyway, it should all be straight now. 

The really good news is that if all diabetics get Dexcoms, the price will go down and there will be a market for more similar and maybe better devices.  Econ 101. 

New Endocrinologist Update

She called.  Dexcom prescription was made this morning.  She said to make sure that the PDA is ordered. Thanks to endocrinologist #3 and Victoza, my A1c is 6.9. We can thank One Drop for that also. Vitamin D is a bit low, LDL is a bit high.

I decided to to hold off on upping the Victoza.  Cost is way too high. 

Plan is still to eliminate the insulin pump after the supplies are used up.  I have the last of my Medtronic sensors on now.  Started this morning. 

New Endocrinologist thanks to @rubenhealth

Sort of.

If you want, I am the first call on January 18th, Sirius Doctor Radio, Health Connect. You get to can hear my voice.

Technically my fourth endocrinologist this year considering my doctor of 12 years retired. He was my first endocrinologist.

I liked the second but his office went out of business. I kept getting messages and emails that they were coming back but for some reason it seems he can’t get Aetna coverage. He hired another doctor that was supposed to be in network, but the billing says she isn’t. Plus, I got billed for an in office procedure instead of an office visit. I call but the response is more messed up billing.

My primary care physician asked me to wait as a new endocrinologist was opening up practice in the space of the first endocrinologist but she didn’t open her practice until December.

I called yesterday and got my choice of 4 appointment slots. I have heard back from her office twice today after seeing her at 8:00 am and all the prescriptions are in the pharmacy. Everything else is going through the primary care.

We did labs and we both think they will be below 7, looking at my pump and my logs. She is thrilled with blood pressure but I am still not sure but we will see again with primary care.

She loved how I managed the switch to Victoza and wants to up that. Playing with that with a first .6 increase.

She wants me to go to Dexcom but CVS is charging about a third of the Dexcom cost so we are trying that first.

Happy dance.

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Fun afternoon

I hate printers.  I hate printers so much, I don’t use the two I have.

So I get an emergency phone call will I please set up his printer, his friend can’t figure it out.  I try to help the friend on the phone, and he can’t figure it out.  So I drive an hour, takes me about 20 minutes to get said printer on network, printer talking to computer, install new cartridges, and print a test page.

So the friend tells me that my pants are too loud.  Well, I hopped in a car and drove an hour to do a 20 minute unpaid job.  You don’t get to tell me what to wear and I’m not changing clothing from the gym for a free job.

And the conversation started with somehow is computer is showing not English.  Oh good news, it was only Facebook, and I could talk them through that.  How do you accidently switch to French?

Frustration with the Dental College

I’ve been going to the local dental school for dental care for the last 2 plus years.  We did the first set of x-rays in two years, and they found what might mean a crown in one tooth.  I wanted them to look at it yesterday, but there wasn’t enough time and will have to wait until Friday.

I will say that the professor who insists it needs a root canal in crown is usually alarmist.  The student just wanted to watch it.  I can’t help but think we should have done an x-ray last year and seen it then.

The good news, one other tooth needed a filling replaced and that fixed a problem I’ve had for several years – food keeps getting stuck there.

So this week was 5 fillings, x-ray and cleaning.

Next Friday we look at the last tooth.

On a happier note, while last week’s dog show caused a weight spike, I’ve had steady loss ever since.

@CVSPharmacy Called

After my complaint about the customer service call, CVS Pharmacy reached out.  As I told them, the good news, is that 4 calls were great – but those were the ones I initiated.

Good/bad news.  I’ve met my deductible.  So now we get to see how the 80/20 works.