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November 2017

Victoza Approved!

Which means I have a lot of extra insulin and infusion sets.  

It also means I will be paying Victoza next year instead of insulin, reservoirs, infusion sets and sensors.  And it means that my low blood sugar awareness is gone.  So much so that I feel comfortable working out in the pool at LA Fitness.



Next Year's Insurance

I think I've finally wrapped my head around this and have some good plans.

One of the first things I've done is gotten a new credit card with some good incentives.  Lower APR, $200 bonus, and some rewards.  I'm going to use it for medical expenses only and pay it off as quick as I can.

Here's the deal, old insurance had $400 deductible and $295 a month premium. 

New insurance has a $1500 deductible and $200 a month premium.   So the yearly cost is $460 more.  

Then I pay 20% of everything until I hit $5650.  Then I max out.  Those of you who are insulin dependent know I'm going to hit that quickly.

The nice thing about all of this, that I know health care is going to cost each year, until the legislature meets in two years and screws us further.

Victoza Status

I've got a couple of more days left on this pen and I need to check the expiration dates on the other two.

I think that the insurance company doesn't want to cover it because they just bought a 3 months supply of insulin for me.  That's fair but they could actually tell me that up front.  So far, I've gotten --we didn't get anything from the doctor.   The doctor has their fax now so if I don't hear from the insurance company by next Thursday, I'll push the doctors office again.

I've got about a years worth of supplies if I use them correctly, maybe less, not sure because I've been hoarding.  I've got quite a bit of insulin too.  I think the best thing to do is try one more time next week on insurance approval.  Then try again each month until they approve it.

I can lose weight on the pump but I have to work harder at it.

I still want to use the pump for basal insulin until I'm totally out of supplies and not buy any more.



Pros and Cons

  • It's expensive.  Without insurance, $900 a month.  That means I'll meet my deductible in two and half months if nothing else goes on, and then I'll be paying $180 out of pocket.  That also means I'll probably meet my max out of pocket.  On the other hand, pump supplies and insulin are a lot more expensive.
  • I still have around 11 boxes of infusion sets and a bunch of insulin.  But right now, I'm using half of my old basal, doing some small corrections.  
  • I'm losing weight.  The doctors office saw 3 pounds in two weeks.  
  • CVS/Caremark are being jerks about it.  Now this COULD be my doctor's office but they want pre-authorization and that hasn't happened yet.  I was given two sample pens and right now, I have 8 days left.  I'm going to try to get another sample box tomorrow AND have already started pushing the pre-authorization.  I'm willing to be since the plan is changing on January 1, CVS/Caremark is dragging their feet.  I hate feeling like a drug addict.
  • My blood sugar is super smooth with the current pump settings.  I'm waking up with 120-130 blood sugar (yes, I would like it lower), and I'm not having to count carbs.  I haven't seen a blood sugar higher than 180 since we decided on these pump settings. 
  • I'm using 19 units of insulin now and was using 65 units of insulin.

Finally Finished a Champion Dog

When I was in sixth grade and for two years after we lived near people with show dogs, Basinji’s. My sister and I earned pocket money helping take care of them.  As a result, I got to work as a candy stripper in the neonatal unit, but my sister got to help show their dogs.  I have wanted to show my own dog every since though being the first candy stripper in a neonatal unit at that hospital was cool.  

When I finally got in to a situation where a dog made sense, I was married and my husband said any dog as long as it was a beagle.   I didn’t know any better and bought a field beagle.  I did show her in conformation but didn’t get anywhere in conformation though she did end up being the Number One Obedience beagle in the country. 

Several dogs later, some Police K9 work, and I got my first conformation beagle, Macy. I did show her, but she is definitely a pet.  She has done well in agility, but retired now, at 12.

My next beagle, Dulce, did better, winning a point in Mississippi.  She is my diabetes alert dog.

 Macy, Dulce and my new girl are all from the same breeder, who I have known for over 25 years.  Macy is out of Ben who is considered the number one beagle of all time by many dog people. Dulce is out of PD, who is also out of Ben, and also did well.

Summer and I have been training at conformation classes since I got her, a little over a year ago,  and have also been training for agility.  She loves both classes. 

Earthshattering last couple of weeks

Two weeks ago today, I saw an endocrinologist for the first time since February.  I like her and saw her again today.

She asked me a question that hadn't been asked in a really long time -- what happens if you aren't on the pump?  I told her I didn't know.

They, the CDE and the Endocrinologist wanted me to try a new type of diabetes drug.  They suggested with Victoza or Januvia.  I chose Victoza since I've had bad days with drugs stuck in my body too long.

I saw a lot of lows, even the first week on Victoza and this week has been worse.  I made a series of mistakes with my insulin pump which should have put me in the hospital with a high blood sugar and I came out of it with a blood sugar of 180.

So I turned off my pump, but still used it to track my blood sugar.  My blood sugar slowly climbed but not the way it should have, so I made an appointment to see the endo again.


Office didn't remember I had been there two weeks ago.  

Couldn't download my pump and it was because I was on a temp basal.

The worse part was that the CDE and Endo couldn't comprehend that I didn't just want to ditch the pump and a years worth of supplies when patients couldn't get any.  But there is no legal way to transfer those supplies and I don't just want to throw them out.

So right now, I'm using a 50% of previous basal, watching my blood sugars and doing Victoza.  And I'm quite sure that CVS/Caremark is dragging their feet on filling the Victoza so they don't have to give it to me at $65 for the first 3 months.



Finally got to see an endo

A1c is 7.9

My endo of 15 years retired in January. I saw a doctor he liked in March as a meet and greet. In April I got notice that his practice was shutting down but that he was opening a new office in a month.  

Long story short, I saw a doctor at his practice. I like her but she is pregnant and so won’t be available. He wasn’t available because he isn’t in my insurance network. 

She was great and added Victoza. So far I like but it scares me a bit. There is a possibility I could go on it alone, which I wouldn’t mind.  

They also made some pump adjustments. 

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