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Not only addicted to insulin but to my pump

I had a complete pump failure last Sunday.  You have to understand that over night on Sunday means Tuesday morning.

With the insurance changes coming up, I had decided to investigate another method of diabetes management.

Now, I have some issues that are probably not going to change.  I have some eating issues and I've never been able to be on a schedule.  That cuts out 90% of diabetes management method.

In fact, that probably only leaves the pump.

I've had problems with getting too insulin in my system -- and I did during the pump failure.  I took the choice of dosing every 4 hours.  One option I have been thinking of is trying one of the new long acting insulins, but I did not this round.  Even with dosing every four hours, I slipped up -- I forgot to eat lunch, or didn't even plan for it, and went low doing dog agility.  I was able to fix it, but just didn't plan for the whole incident.  It is something I should get better at, but it probably won't happen since I've been living this way for decades.