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May 2017

Mystery Shopping Amusement

Interesting month mystery shopping.  I was out of the country the first week.  I over scheduled the second week to the point I decided I needed to quit.  I still have almost a week and I have over $500 of shops scheduled.  Two big money ones, quite a bit of phone and web shops.

Insurance Update and other issues

A bill passed the Texas State Legislature that is supposed to address the insurance issue.  The good news, is that changes won’t come in effect until January 1.  We are supposed to get free generic prescriptions – everything is currently generic except insulin.

Back in April, when I was at the Shreveport dog shows, I received a letter telling me that my new diabetes doctor was going out of business the Friday before my next appointment.  They said in the meantime see your primary care physician.

Shortly after that appointment was scheduled I received an email that they were opening a new office on June 1.  I haven’t heard anything since.

Went through my meds last week, packaging them using PillSuite, and discovered not only was out almost out of my cholesterol medication but that there were no refills.  Makes sense, we were supposed to relook all that at the appointment.  So I did what they said and made an appointment with my primary care physician.

Saw him yesterday.  I went off of statin drugs last year due to statin pain – may still have some vestiges of that – but my labs have slowly been drifting up.  So he added generic Crestor, lowest dose.  He also said that he was cool with writing scripts for supplies, but couldn’t help with pump dosages.  I hope he asked his office assistant if she was cool with it, because he is often cool with something, but she isn’t and it never gets to him.

All good for the next three months. 

He did tell me that if Diabetes Center of America didn’t reopen, that there were was an endochronolist office opening soon in their building.

Mystery Shopping Feeling Under Control

Now that I’ve learned that a) you can make some extra money mystery shopping and b) that is hard work, it’s under control now.  I’ve got some ideas for some apps that would help shoppers.  Just got to get the technology skills back up.

I haven’t taken a restaurant shop – though there are some clients I’m still open to.  Close, pay well and healthy food.  No fast food.

I have a check coming from an MSC from March shops yet, and I’m not doing any work for them until I get it.  Seriously, you expect me to work in March and haven’t paid me by May 20th?  They owe me almost $100 for 5 shops. They are local and pay well.  I can usually pick up between $10-$15 a shop from them and those are local shops.  Mostly healthy food shops.  They are the only MSC that owes me from March.  In fact, they are the only mystery shop that hasn’t paid me since I started in February.  I currently have an email out about that. 

Well, I lied a bit about that getting paid for everything I did.  I mystery shopped off an MSC’s app, didn’t save the receipt, and their system blurred the receipt.  I had them take me off their system.   They had dental shops and ice cream shops in the area.  No.   I didn’t lose much, I was already at that location and it was good ice cream.

After my first week of May, I’ve limited myself to web and phone shops, at home shops, and 10 miles radius. It also has to be an interesting shop.  Of course, my idea of interesting is different than most.  Yesterday I peed in a cup for $15.00.  It was across the street from my gym.

I did sign up for some grocery store shops that are a bit further, but that company pays quick and I haven’t done their grocery store shops yet.  I need to start getting on their local shops, they have a ton of those.  The first one I did was a fail, but I still got $5.00 for it, the client I was shopping accepted a phone call but didn’t make an appointment.

So I did over $900 in April and am at $340 in May so far.  Pays for some of the dog bills.

Insurance Problem

I know i won’t be listened to, but the retirement system needed to go back to the school district when they saw our costs were exceeding the intake.  The state needs to help too.

I’m a huge believer that if someone is signed up for an retirement system, the entity providing that retirement has to make sure the money is there.  It was part of the incentive to be hired.  Of course, I’ve been screwed by the state and the district at just about every turn, so I’m not completely surprised I’m being screwed on my retirement.

May be losing my good insurance coverage

It’s sad.  I’ve always chosen jobs based on their insurance – primarily because of my father’s health issues.

Now, because of my retirement and just the way things are, I may be losing that good insurance.  I’ve spent a lot of nights worrying about it and I’m trying not to think about it much.  I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do, especially since money is tight as it is.

I haven’t had luck getting a job at technology and I know I can’t work in the classroom any more.  It’s pretty scary. 

Woke up to find a neat email

It was from Kristina Curtis, and she told me she included me in a post at

Quite an honor. 

I just got back from my fourth cruise.  I had everything I needed but restless leg medication so I am getting it more together. 

While I was gone I got an email about my new pump. I got the last one in December, which put me in the front of the line on the new pump. It's the latest Meditronic with the upgraded sensors. 

So I will be posting about that. 

I also got news today about my diabetes clinic. They shut down the Friday before I left on the cruise. I had an appointment the Tuesday I got back.  Apparently the open back up on the first of June.