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What this Quality Assurance thing you are doing?

My Johns Hopkins job pays well, but I frequently don't get a lot of hours, I am sitting at 4 hours for this week, and I don't see many more coming in.  I need a bit more cash if I want to show dogs, so I started Mystery Shopping.

Yes, I go into retail places and critique the service, food and the facility itself.  I also do phone and web shops, which I like the best.

The higher the pay, the longer the job, and more questions you have to answer.  Last week, I did a phone shop that will pay $2.00  I had to record a call to the store, and pose as a typical shopper asking questions. No narrative.

I have to go into banks, and pose as a typical customer.  Those pay higher if you have to open an account. I get from $15 to $60 according to the complexity. 

I do a lot of new car shops, going in and asking for a particular model, I have even done a negotiation shop. 

I started in February, have gotten paid for all but two shops which I screwed up, well I think I did them right, but it didn't seem worth it to complain.  I have taken in several hundred dollars, and am owed more. So far, all have paid as scheduled. 

The fun part, is that I am an independent contractor and I have to keep up with everything, including the taxes.  There are dozens of companies to work for, they pay by check, PayPal or direct deposit. Some pay twice a month, but most pay once a month and they pick the date. One company sent me over $50 via direct deposit for the jobs I did with in March, and I didn't get an email and can see know where on their website that I got paid. Love them and love their shops. They have a restaurant shop that is easy to do and don't seem to have a limit on visits. 

So far, since mid February I have been having a small but steady income stream.